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Aluar has gained access to the most demanding international markets and sells strategic aluminium products to first class companies worldwide. This is the result of more than thirty years of solid and consistent operations. The company`s main source of income is the export of its products, which is in the order of 70% of its production. The remaining 30% is sold on the domestic market, practically satisfying the entire argentine demand for primary aluminium. Aluar`s activities include the production of primary aluminium, and semifabricated and fabricated products that are used in the transport industry, building, packaging, electrical conductors, and kitchenware. Aluar is an active party in Argentina`s growth and development, it employs over 2200 individuals and is proactively involved in the communities in which its industrial units are installed.

Aluar has various industrial units in two different locations:
The aluminium reduction plant (Primary Aluminium Division) and two semifabricated products plants (Semifabricated Products Divisions) are located in Puerto Madryn in the province of Chubut.

The rolling and extrusion plant (Fabricated Products Division) is located in Abasto in the province of Buenos Aires.

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